Do you have a framework for your career?

What if you could get 2X better in at least one of these areas?

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Resume Writing

Learn to craft resumes that get responses whether you have 0 years of experience or are looking to make a jump in your career.


Learn how to change what is for some the most nerve-wracking part to become the most fun and informative part of the job hunting process.

Salary Negotiation

Many people talk a big game about negotiation skills but come out empty handed with their head down. Learn how to negotiate to get what you deserve while creating a win-win situation.

Technical Skill Building

It’s clear that simply having access to information isn’t enough. Learn how to get the RIGHT skill building goals using the best resources and learn as efficiently as possible.

Creating Peer Groups

“You are the sum of your 5 closest friends.” Finding a peer group that shares the same goals, problems and triumphs as you can be tricky but it may be the most important thing for your career.

Finding a Mentor

A mentor is someone who has done what you are striving to do. If you are serious about your goals and want to reach them quickly a mentor is the best way forward. Learn to find and to be a mentor.